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We are here for you, wherever you are

Telemental Health (TMH) is the delivery of mental health care services through the use of interactive audio and video technology, permitting real-time communication between the client at the originating site and the provider for the purpose of diagnosis, consultation, or treatment. 

Clients can participate in sessions from home or any location determined appropriate by the client and the clinician.

Lifepath Counseling and Wellness uses Telemental Health to improve access to our services for those that are unable to attend in-person at our office. Our platform is designed to protect your privacy and confidentiality. Our technology is at no cost to you.

Lifepath utilizes a HIPAA compliant, secure video-teleconferencing website called Doxy.Me. But is not limited to just and Zoom, the platforms may change and be updated throughout treatment. You can connect to the teleconference using your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The site does not store or share any personal information and videos are never recorded.

If you have a scheduled telehealth session with one of our clinicians, please click the name below and it will enter you into their waiting room for your session.


For those that do not have access to the internet or a desktop, tablet or smartphone, we also offer telephonic services where our clinician will contact you via your telephone.

If you are experiencing a difficult time in your life, know that we can help wherever you are.  To make an appointment or for help to determine if telemental health might be the right solution for you, please call our front desk or the use the contact tab to send an email.

Mental Health Counseling

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